Software Engineering Degree 2021:Open University of Sri Lanka

Software Engineering Degree 2021

Software Engineering Degree 2021:Open University of Sri Lanka

Application invited for Bachelor of Software Engineering Honours Degree by Open University of Sri Lanka with Collaboration of University Grants Commission (UGC)

The Program

The Bachelor of Software Engineering Honours (BSEHons) programme aims to produce quality, skillful graduates in this rapidly developing discipline, which covers one of the major fields of computing according to the ACM/IEEE curriculum guidelines.

The degree has been specially designed in response to the industry demand to produce graduate software engineers.

For those who aspire to become software architects, software engineers, system analysts, and QA engineers this programme would be of immense value.

The duration of the program is four (4) years, however, if a student possesses accepted formal post-secondary educational qualifications at the entrance, he/she may complete the program within a shorter period.

This programme explores the design, construction and implementation of large, complex software systems, which meet information processing challenges, subject to constraints such as cost, time and risk management.

Students should complete core units in computer science, programming, software engineering, mathematics and Quality Assurance and Testing. Special attention is given to making students proficient in communication skills.

Joining the Program

Applications must be submitted online at

Carefully read the “Instructions for Submitting the Application”  before starting your application. 

Please follow the following steps to apply for the Program

  • Carefully read the “Instructions for Submitting the Application”  before starting your application.
  • Complete and submit the Online Application. Application submission is reopened from 12th May – 23rd of May 2021
  • Pay the application fee of Rs. 600.00, select the Venue, Date and Time to sit the test and download the admission card
  • No changes allowed after downloading the admission card
  • Nobody allowed to sit the test without a valid admission card
  • The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will conduct a series of pre-orientation webinars to present the details about the study program. If you wish to participate please register at ………….. You will be emailed a link to the Webinar.
  • Sit for the selection test on the chosen Date, Time and at the chose Venue
  • Selection Test dates are 25th and 28th of May 2021

Those who have three passes at GCE A/L AND passed the selection test in the first round will be notified to register for the programme. They will be able to register from 13th of  May 2021 to to 1st of June 2021
There will be an Information Session on Selecting courses and the registering process on 11th of May 8-9am and 6-8pm on Zoom. The Zoom link will be given soon
Software Engineering Degree 2021:Open University

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Application Method Online 

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